Our Technology

The dental field is an ever evolving science. As a progressive practice, Rosedale Dental Centre stays at the forefront of new materials and technology while making your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The following are a list of the newest equipment that Rosedale Dental Centre uses to help provide you with the highest quality dental care:

Digital X-Ray
Rosedale Dental Centre uses the Kodak Digital Radiography Sensor. Digital Radiography allows for less radiation exposure while capturing a picture of your hard tissues under high resolution

Panoramic Imaging
A panoramic radiograph can capture a bird’s eye view of your whole jaw. The purpose is to screen for impacted wisdom teeth, potential oral pathologies, and as a base of reference in case of future changes to your dental anatomy.

Intra-oral camera
Rosedale Dental Centre uses an Intra-Oral Camera to show you on the television/ computer screen of how your teeth look up close. This small camera is able to capture detail within the oral cavity and project it on a large screen for better visualization. This will enhance your understanding of why a certain treatment is rendered through visual references.

Zoom Advanced Power In-Office Whitening System
Zoom Whitening technology provide the ability to whiten your teeth in about an hour. A patented whitening light along with a the Zoom Whitening gel will enhance your smile more than ever before.

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